For women who settle for less than what they deserve in their marriages, relationships, careers and life in general, You Deserve More is an attention-grabbing and transformational documentary that is packed with inspirational and practical advice from women who overcame unhappiness, self-doubt, fear, guilt, low self-esteem, loneliness, poverty, domestic violence and abuse by embracing and living in one fundamental truth…they deserved more.

This candid work of cinema offers some heart-felt revelations about the emotional and psychological conflict women experience when they settle instead of fighting for what they deserve, which is more happiness, more love and more prosperity.


What they are Saying

“This documentary is so thought provoking that it will change the lives of the women who watch. I laughed, wanted to cry and was forced to re-evaluate the direction of my own life.”   – Angie

“It was truly a life changing experience. God bless you and everyone that is a part of the project!”  – Sara

“It was such an amazing documentary.”  – Linda

“Brilliantly put together!”  – James

“Phenomenal word from Phenomenal women, Thank you for your vision; Congratulations!” – Trina

“Powerful night! This was a much needed discussion for us. YDM hit the ground running! Kudos to all and a Big shout to Dr. Dwayne Buckingham! Much love.” – Rhonda

THE CAST (From left to right) and (Center) – Executive Producer and Director, Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham
Cynthia Greene, Malaysia Gresham Harell, Tonie Restrepo, Cheryl Wood, Towan Isom, Leandra Hahn, Kimi Donahue, Dr. Karen Bethea, Joan T. Randall, Gigi McMillan and Diedre Presley.

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